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Banting Food List, What Should You Eat on a Low Carb Diet?

The Banting diet is really simple.  Yes there will be adaptations as more evidence-based research is done, but we know enough to build a solid foundation.

You can download the Banting food list below – which I originally found on the  This is the list that I started with, and I still follow to this day.

[Download the Banting food list for FREE]

This type of diet is not foreign to human beings, it’s what our ancestors ate, and its what we were designed to eat.  Unfortunately the dietary guidelines published by the US government in 1977 have simply failed us.  The guidelines, which were adopted across most of the Western world, stipulated that we should eat six to eleven portions of grain per day, and that we needn’t worry about added sugar.  The results have been catastrophic; and since the early 1980’s the rate of obesity and diabetes has increased exponentially. Coincidence?

The key to your success is educating yourself about which foods to eat, and which foods to avoid. Understand your body’s response to certain nutrients.

What if I want it all done for me?

It can be overwhelming when you first get started – that’s why I recommend Healthful Pursuit’s Balanced Keto Weekly Meal Plans.

I am here to help you become a successful Banter, if there is anything that I can do to help please leave a comment below:)

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